The fastest way to increase employee engagement is to improve the “on the job” leadership performance of your managers.

The most recent evidence from the DDI Global Leadership Forecast is that the highest quality leadership development happens when managers spend only 20% of learning time in leadership training. The other 80% should be spent learning “on the job” and from others. But there must be a process to support this.

Traditional leadership development can be flawed – managers fail to apply what they’ve learnt in training, they are not held accountable for taking action and there is no measurement of their leadership performance.

Our clients utilise the BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics process to rapidly improve employee engagement by:

  • Consistently measuring the leadership performance of each manager
  • Ensuring each manager is held accountable to implement their own “on the job” improvement plan
  • Systematically following through so that improvement is ongoing

The BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics online platform gives fact-based visibility of leadership performance, and provides actionable insights on how to quickly improve employee engagement.

BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics is the fastest way to increase your employee engagement:

Extensive experience helping companies to grow leadership effectiveness

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Create a better work environment for your employees and managers

Measure leadership performance

  • Gain hard data on the leadership performance throughout your organisation

Insights and recommendations

  • Have robust insights and action plans to improve employee engagement

Improve on-the-job leadership behaviours

  • Track leadership performance and improvement

Hold managers accountable for taking action

  • Ensure your managers understand exactly what they personally need to do to grow employee engagement and productivity within their team
  • Ensure when your managers attend leadership training they do not revert back to their old habits