We coach Managers on how to become Effective Leaders

As Effective Leadership experts, we know that when provided with the necessary leadership skills, people managers can significantly improve the engagement of their employees, and the performance of their teams. 

Our focus is on supporting organisations to balance their leadership development towards formal training and learning on-the-job and from others, then supporting the managers to apply their new skills.

We utilise the findings from the BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics process to:

  • Focus on behavioural “on the job” change and improving organisational outcomes
  • Regularly measure on-job leadership behaviour
  • Provide a framework for improvement of 1-3 selected leadership areas
  • Coach and support the manager to consistently improve their leadership behaviours
  • Regularly review progress to ensure improvement occurs.

Leadership training forms only a small part of leadership development

  • 20% of a manager’s leadership development comes from formal training
  • 80% comes from learning on-the-job and from others

We believe that people managers hold the key to organisational success.

We coach Managers on how to become Effective Leaders who can:

  • Inspire commitment
  • Grow employee engagement and motivation levels
  • Confront non-performance
  • Optimise employee performance for greater results

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