Receive powerful information with the simple to use console, access accurate and predictive information to help you make better hiring decisions, hire better salespeople and eliminate hiring mistakes.

92% of recommended and hired candidates reach the top half of the sales force within 12 months, 75% of candidates that were not recommended but hired anyway, failed within 6 months.

You can access as many candidates as it takes to find the right people, here’s how it works...

Step one: Select the sales position you need to fill.

Step two: Customize to suit your needs.

Step three: Customize and configure your criteria for success in each role.

Step four: Post your job description to appropriate job sites, or use a sales recruiter.

Step five: Your candidates apply online or send their resume.

Step six: Candidates receives the link to the assessment either through your applicant tracking system or via email or by clicking on a link in your job posting.

Step seven: Candidate takes the online OMG assessment and you instantly get results via email, on the OMG website, or through your applicant tracking system.

Step eight: Candidate scores are easy to read in a dashboard for review.

Step nine: You’ll see whether the candidate meets OMG’s criteria, meets your criteria or is not recommended to interview.

Step ten: You’ll save time by only calling the recommended candidates.

Save time and money by only interviewing the best candidates for your team, like a candidate? Check their references and make a job offer.

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