The BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics process has been utilised by organisations since 2001, helping them to make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve their leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and business performance.

The results that our customers achieve utilising the BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics process include a number of impressive improvements in business outcomes:

Employee Engagement:

Fast improvements within the first 3 months

Generally rises to world class levels (LPI 88%+) within 3 years

Sales Growth:

Minimum of 5%+ growth within 12 months

Productivity Improvements:

Measurable improvements in KPI’s such as service delivery

Year on year growth with fewer employees

Reduced Absenteeism:

Often decreases within the first 3 months

Best Practice:

Quickly establishes a consistent leadership standard

Turns silos of leadership best practice into an organisational culture

Our customers have achieved outstanding improvements in leadership performance in very short time frames. Listed below are some examples:


% Improvement / Time To Achieve

Outbound Telemarketing (Team Leaders)

+34.9% / 8 Months

Technical Services Company (Team Managers)

+25.5% / 8 Months

Publicly Listed Company (Branch Managers)

+16.9% / 13 months

Healthcare Organisation (Clinical Managers)

+15.0% / 10 months

Infrastructure Company (Field Managers)

+10.4% / 13 months

Global Charity Organisation (Managers & Team Leaders)

+13.8% / 9 months

The BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics process is the fastest way to increase your employee engagement:

Extensive experience helping companies to grow leadership effectiveness

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Create a better work environment for your employees and managers

Measure leadership performance

  • Gain hard data on the leadership performance throughout your organisation

Insights and recommendations

  • Have robust insights and action plans to improve employee engagement 

Improve on-the-job leadership behaviours

  • Track leadership performance and improvement

Hold managers accountable for taking action

  • Ensure your managers understand exactly what they personally need to do to grow employee engagement and productivity within their team
  • Ensure when your managers attend leadership training they do not revert back to their old habits