Our mission is to create significant and sustainable employee performance improvement for organisations by enhancing the leadership practices of their people managers

Leadership training forms only a small part of leadership development - 20% of a manager’s leadership development comes from formal training – 80% comes from learning on-the-job and from others.

So we help you to grow your manager’s leadership effectiveness by ensuring their training and development includes:

  • Applying “on the job” what they’ve learnt in their training and development
  • Having follow-up action plans so they are held accountable
  • Measuring their leadership performance on an ongoing basis

Learn how to implement the 7 Disciplines of Effective Leaders, and be supported to apply your new knowledge and leadership skills “on the job”:

  • Drive for results
  • Focus on critical leadership and front-line behaviour - the areas differences that make the difference
  • Provide positive feedback - praising good results and desired behaviours
  • Provide a high positive feedback - to corrective feedback ratio of 5:1
  • Implement a system for noticing team behaviour - laps or management by wandering about
  • Confront non-performance - processes for coaching for behaviour change
  • Link work to organisational performance, goals and vision

For managers who want to significantly improve the engagement and productivity of their teams, and become world-class people managers


Leadership Workshops

Online Blended Learning

The Brava Effective Leadership programme is a 3-day Workshop. 

The classroom workshop develops the critical competitive edge leadership competencies that drive employee engagement, increase productivity and reduce employee costs.

Strada7 Leadership Lab is a 13 week programme.

The online version of the effective leadership workshop to sustain the Brava system by providing for ongoing development of leadership competency.


Strada7 and Brava are experts in Effective Leadership skills development and improving employee performance. 

It's all we do and all we've done for the past 19 years.

We've worked with about 10,000 managers across Australia and New Zealand, so we know how to get results from your people.

Our carefully developed leadership program has created significant added value for a wide range of organisations and it can help yours too.

Our Guarantee

If in 4 months’ time your managers have completed all components of the Strada7 Leadership Lab, implemented what we recommend, and haven't achieved a 21% increase in team performance - we will work with you at no further cost until they do.

When you join Strada7’s leadership programme, you'll receive a variety of services that will help your people managers become Effective Leaders:

Focus on Application

The learning process is spread over 3 months, so managers get to apply what they have learnt

Leadership Coach

To guide your managers in immediate application

10 Online Training Modules

Designed to improve employee performance
and work motivation

Email Support

From their Leadership Coach 

Action Plans

To help them integrate leadership techniques easily

Weekly Online Skills Coaching

To develop leadership and coaching conversation skills

Weekly Webinars

To provide leadership knowledge and skills in bite-sized chunks

Monthly Update Reports

So you can monitor their progress


Our Strada7’s leadership programme is designed to build the interpersonal skills that are critical to Effective Leadership, through on-going support, follow-up and feedback.


Our Effective Leadership Programme improves on-the-job leadership behaviours.

Extensive experience implementing Effective Leadership improvements

  • We have worked with about 10,000 managers across Australia and New Zealand so we know what works

Cost effective Leadership Programs

  • Our web-based training technology makes learning and support easy and more cost-effective than traditional workshops

Increased Productivity and Employee Motivation

  • Learning that's focused on leadership activity makes the greatest difference to employee motivation and performance

Support from a Leadership Coach

  • For Strada7 we provide on-going leadership training and support, ensuring your managers implement what they’ve learnt

Available whenever your managers need it

  • Strada7 is an online service and simple to use


Our Strada7 Leadership Lab Coaches

Blair Stevenson

Blair is the founder of the Strada7 Leadership Lab. He has over 19 years' experience helping organisations significantly improve team performance by growing the leadership capability of their managers.

Working with a wide range of clients across Australia and New Zealand, he has gained unparalleled insight into what works - and what doesn't - in growing the leadership capability of first-line and middle managers.

Blair holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Teaching.

Michelle Dalley

Michelle is passionate about developing leadership capability, and has over 12 years hands-on experience in leadership roles. For the past seven years she has focused on coaching and training others in leadership and has facilitated powerful changes in work performance, engagement and motivation as well as in areas of personal growth and change.

Michelle has studied different areas of psychology, adult learning and neuroscience. She’s an accredited Coach in the Babcock Coaching Methodology, a certified mBIT Professional Coach & Trainer and a Master Practitioner & Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Mal Winnie

Over the past decade, Mal has developed a reputation as a pragmatic, insightful and inspirational leadership improvement specialist. His passion for coaching and leadership is fueled by his desire to create real-world results for individuals and organisations.

Mal's area of interest and study in recent years have been in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, and its application to everyday practical leadership. He is an internationally certified coach and trainer of Neuro-Linguistics, and an international mBIT trainer and coach.