Some testimonials from our customers ...

According to an independent survey, our employee engagement is now world-class (consistently between 88%-93%). BravaTrak® has provided insight that’s helped us get the most out of our people and truly improve performance.
— Bryan Middleton, Head of Customer Service Channels, Contact Energy
BravaTrak® helped us to identify a strong positive correlation between effective leadership behaviours and team results. As a result of taking action based on the data, sales are up by more than 100%, retention is up by more than 100%, and employee engagement is up and still climbing.
— Peter Gardner, Head of Sales & Channels, World Vision Australia
Immediately after we began using BravaTrak® the Board asked that we start reporting on leadership performance improvement. Interesting, this made it much easier to drive through other HR initiatives.
— Sarah Harding, HR Manager, Realcold & Argus
Since using BravaTrak®, in addition to better business results, it highlighted a train-wreck about to happen – before it happened. We now have a stronger team that is following a plan. At the same time, it’s helped show everyone, including sceptics and the Board, the linkage between leadership behaviour and business performance.
— Todd Hunter, CEO, Turners
BravaTrak® provide a data driven view of leadership effectiveness. It gives us the ability to track leadership performance over time, and provides a measure to individuals on their progress. BravaTrak® is highly effective and targeted approach to assist managers with their on-going leadership development.
— Rolf Siggaard, General Manager HR – Telecommunications, Downer NZ
We have a 45 seat contact centre operating around the clock between three teams, so that requires over 100 contact centre people. Over the two years since we’ve been using BravaTrak®, we’ve had a 17% drop in call handle time. We’ve been able to reduce our contact centre team by 8 FTE’s without loss of call quality. That represents an annual saving of $400,000 in salary costs alone.
— Bashir Khan, National Manager – Business Membership & Contact Centres, NZ Automobile Association