We help CEO’s to increase employee engagement, fast!

Proven fact based process that works

  • Created from world leading research and significant data and developed since 2001
  • Puts the science into analysing your organisation's leadership performance
  • Embedded within the HR process to ensure continuous improvement

Results that are measurable

  • We provide robust insights and recommendations to improve employee engagement, including detailed data on the leadership performance of each manager
  • Measure the leadership behaviours that drive employee engagement, and measure the improvement in results as you implement your improvement initiatives
  • We work closely with you to develop measurable and meaningful KPI’s and collectively hold you accountable to increase your performance. 
  • We calculate your ROI to ensure that working with us makes financial sense


Improve the “on the job” leadership behaviours

  • Track the leadership performance improvement of managers
  • Robust and proven process for ensuring improvement plans are developed, action is taken, and continuous improvements are made
  • Regularly evaluate the “on the job” performance improvements of each manager
  • Assessments run every 6 months to provide managers with up to date feedback and data on the improvements made, and areas to focus on

Managers held accountable for taking action

  • Ensure your managers understand exactly what they personally need to do to grow employee engagement and productivity within their team
  • Encourage the manager to share the improvement plan with their direct reports and to seek regular feedback on their improvement
  • Development needs and training can be identified for each manager
  • Ensure that if a manager attends any leadership development training they do not revert back to their old habits

Organisation wide improvements

  • People managers at all levels are assessed on the leadership behaviours and capabilities which are critical for highly effective leadership performance
  • Action can be taken to address poor leadership performance before disaster strikes
  • Poor performing managers with low potential can be identified, and if necessary re-deployed into roles that better suit their skill set
  • High potential managers can be identified for succession planning purposes
  • Create a better work environment for your employees and managers

Easy to understand

  • Easy to understand and present to the Senior Leadership Team and Board
  • Easy to identify what will improve leadership performance the most, at both an individual and management level
  • Easy to compare results across a group of managers in comparable leadership roles


We use global best practice

  • We keep up to date via the data gathered though BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics process as well as a global network of leadership business professionals, to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry research and know how
  • We have worked with over 10,000 managers across Australia and New Zealand